Inoculation Equipment for Reduced Liquid Seed

Inoculating machine

Inoculates liquid seed into cultivation containers. We have container batch inoculation type (mj121 batch), single row inoculation type (pj121 single row), and single bottle type (mj122). The use of our patented nozzle (Japan Patent No. 5129554) shortens the incubation period.

Inoculation facility for reduced liquid spawn


 Dilutes the seed stock solution in the seed stock solution tank to a concentration suitable for inoculation.
In the case of Enoki mushrooms, one 5L stock solution tank (pj122 stock solution tank) can inoculate 50,000 Enoki mushroom cultivated containers. 10L stock solution tank (pj124) can inoculate up to 100,000 containers.

(1) Batch type

The 5ℓ tank of seed stock solution is set in the dilution machine (pj123 dilution machine), and the seed stock solution is diluted into a 40ℓ dilution tank.

(2) Continuous type

The seed stock solution tank is set in the continuous dilution machine, and the seed stock solution is continuously diluted and supplied to the inoculating machine.

Continuous type
Continuous type

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