Reduced liquid seed is a mycelial mass that has been processed into a state suitable for inoculation.

[Reduced Liquid Sperm Characteristics]

  • Before shipping out the seed, a portion of the seed is test inoculated to evaluate the mushrooms that have developed. Only the seedlings with excellent results are shipped, reflecting the results of the pre-tests.
  • ■Faster culture. The incubation period is shortened as a characteristic of general liquid seed fungi.
  • Faster growth. The characteristic of reduced type liquid seed fungi is that sprouting of enoki mushrooms is half a day to one day earlier. The growth period is shortened. By suppressing the shortening of the growing period by lowering the temperature, the harvest of enoki mushrooms will be increased.
  • ■The compact size of the seed fungus makes it possible to transport the mushrooms to remote areas such as overseas.
    *Transportation must be in accordance with the laws of the importing and exporting countries.

From one 125g container of seed fungus in the photo, 4 tons of enokitake mushrooms can be produced.
*When using 1100cc growing container, φ78, and corn cob medium.

  • ■Reducing type liquid seed fungi can be used for various mushrooms.
    Enoki mushroom, shiitake mushroom, beech mushroom, eringi mushroom, mushroom, etc.

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