Providing applied technology for edible fungi Providing applied technology for edible fungi

We provide applied technology for edible mushroom fungi.

We provide edible mushroom production technology, mushroom-derived antioxidant application products, and mushroom-derived antioxidant raw materials.

Reduced liquid inoculum

Reduced liquid seed is a mycelial mass that has been processed into a state suitable for inoculation.

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Reduced liquid inoculum Reduced liquid inoculum

mushroom cultivation technology

We provide air-conditioned cultivation technology for edible mushrooms using bottles and bags. We deliver to growers the varieties of seeds and seedlings that our contracted seed makers have in stock, processed into reduced liquid seed. Please note that we may not be able to supply seed in some countries.

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mushroom cultivation technology mushroom cultivation technology

Ergothioneine applied products

It is said to have several thousand times the antioxidant potential of vitamin E, which is known for its strong antioxidant properties. Recent studies have reported that when stem cells take up ergothioneine via membrane transporter (OCTN1), stem cell differentiation is promoted. We are conducting research and development of functional chicken eggs and supplements, which are products that apply mushroom-derived ergothioneine.

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Ergothioneine applied products Ergothioneine applied products

Ergothioneine raw material

Mushrooms are composed of nutritive mycelium, fruiting bodies, and stolons. Different types of mushrooms contain different amounts of ergothioneine.

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Ergothioneine raw material Ergothioneine raw material

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