Company Profile

Trade name Origin Biotechnology Co.
Location 3329-1, Umise, Sakuho-cho, Minamisaku-gun, Nagano, Japan
Phone 0269-23-5703
FAX 0267-86-5702
Year of establishment 1996
Capital 10 million yen
Executive Kazunari Abe, Representative Director
Business Production and sales of mushroom production equipment, production and sales of mushroom seed fungi, research and development of ergothioneine-applied products, and development of ergothioneine raw materials.
Development and sales of ergothioneine raw materials,
Customers: Mushroom producers in Japan and abroad
Company History 1996 Founded
1998 Technical cooperation with Enoki i/S of Denmark, consulting on Enoki mushroom cultivation technology.
2007 Started operation of a plant for production of reduced liquid seed fungus.
2021 Formed a partnership with Ishioka Ryugoku Mushroom Farm in Taiwan for seed technology.
2022 Started operation of a production plant for reduced liquid seed fungi in Taiwan.

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